How Reputation-Savvy Are You? Name Quiz For Teens and Parents

Socialnetworking websites have grown to be area of the modern era for young people. They can be a good way to keep in touch and share info. However, they are able to even be breeding grounds for malicious gossip, bogus information and by cyber bullying of others.

Addressing the questions below – the primary 10 are for kids, the second 10 for parents – will give you an awareness into how name-savvy you may be online. It will also offer you an excellent chance to talk through the issues raised as well as perhaps decide if equivalent situations happen within your lives how you might work.

Circle the answer for every concern and add up your things using the report-calculator at the end of the issues.

For Teens:
1. Do you consider name is vital to teenagers?
A. Yes – it is necessary to really have a great status
N. Sometimes – depending on what it pertains to
H. No – I donot think status issues at all – agence e-reputation

2. Do you think modern celebrities / singers / sportspeople have an obligation to be always a great role-model for young people?
A. No
B. Yes – sometimes
D. Yes – often

3. You think anything noted about celebrities / singers / sportspeople on TV is appropriate or honest?
A. Yes – the majority of the time
T. No – but it’s exciting reading it
D. No – plenty of it’s only different parents’ views

4. Do you feel what people examine and see about you online influences how they experience you?
A. Yes
B. No
D. Often

5. Do you think adverts on TV are honest?
A. No
B. Yes – sometimes
H. Yes – always

6. Do you think being honest is a thing thatis still valued today?
A. No – it’s too old fashioned
T. No – nobody’s honest all the time
H. Yes – honesty is an essential price

7. Gossiping and showing-reports about someone does not do any damage. It’s only fun. Would you agree?
A. No – but I’dnot stop someone doing it
W. No – it is usually hazardous
D. Yes – it generally does not do any injury

8. You visit a classmate cheating in a exam. What can you do?
A. Nothing – it really is none of my business
T. I might encounter the student about it afterwards
C. I might tell the tutor what I found

9. Your ‘buddies’ start losing you and building nasty comments about you online. What could you do?
A. Eliminate your page and just start another one
N. Return at them by producing mean or unethical things about them on their pages
D. Inform a grownup your trust and acquire their help to follow up with them right

10. A buddy tells you they feel like they’re being bullied and people are causing unpleasant comments about them on their Twitter account. What could you do?
A. Motivate them to share with an adult so it can ceased they trust
N. Decrease them like a friend inside your network
D. Overlook it – it is not my issue

Q1: A = 3 B = 2 H = 1
Q2: A = 1 B = 2 D = 3
Q3: A = 1 W = 2 D = 3
Q4: A = 3 B = 1 H = 2
Q5: A = 3 T = 2 C = 1
Q6: A = 1 W = 2 D = 3
Q7: A = 2B = 3 C = 1
Q8: A = 1 N = 3 C = 2
Q9: A = 2 B = 1 C = 3
Q10: A = 3 W = 2 D = 1

In case you scored less than 12 things:
At this time is a good time to learn, although you have yet to understand the power of reputation. We live-in a time where honour, trust and integrity are beginning to be respected in an entire new way. Be true to oneself and be true to others. Take into consideration that which you present others by that which you declare and also the way you react. Take into consideration many people who you really enjoy… and what it’s about them which you think is excellent. Whenever they’ve got powerful personal traits, why not start copying them.

If you obtained 13 – 22 items:
By understanding what they consider you themselves and that people make judgments about you centered on what others claim about you, you’re better able to act and behave with techniques that help boost your status as opposed to harm it. Having a moment to think ‘is this more likely to boost my popularity or injury it?’ and prevent doing what you’ll actually be ashamed of. Think about celebrities who you’ve seen do foolish things in public places, whilst the future might seem such as a long way away and then reside to regret it. Decide to never accomplish that to oneself.

In case you scored 23 – 30 things:
You understand that slams or gates them shut open – and that understanding will stay you in great stead throughout career and your lifestyle. Preserve for that which you believe in, standing up – you are likely currently affecting others in ways that you don’t actually realize. Our world requires more individuals as you… Show them by holding on your own fantastic name habits, how to do it.

1. Would you consider reputation is essential for young people?
A. No – it is of no relevance into the modern world in any way
W. No – it truly is only essential for adults
D. Yes – it is one of the most important things you possess

2. Do you consider you model good status habits for your children?
A. Yes – the majority of the time
B. No – I know you will find places I could do better in
H. I have never truly considered it

3. Do you a feel prospective employer or recruiting expert might check social media websites like Bebo and YouTube to check on-out a individualis online id / name?
A. No – exactly what a small person says and does online is their particular business and really shouldn’t be properly used to ‘verify out them’.
B. I would never regarded it – however many might, I suppose
D. Yes – I believe more folks are currently doing this and a young individual’s online status is just a major influencer today

4. How can you train your young ones about reputation issues?
A. In case a significant narrative comes up to the information that’s not irrelevant we may discuss it
W. We often speak about reputation, how quickly it could be harmed and how selections affects
C. I don’t – it isn’t anything I Have ever thought of

5. You discover one-of your childis buddies reaches the centre of a study subsequent accusations they have been bullying younger kids. What could you do?
A: Desire that all connections break using the friend and guide properly away from the alleged bully.
N: explain how being linked to the friend may harm their own status and Examine the situation with your son or daughter
C: Ignore it. It’s nothing to do with you and who your children associate with is unnecessary.

6. Adhering to a small traffic incident, you will find your son or daughter has breached their guarantee of never getting in a-car having a drunk-driver on several functions. What would you do?
A: Feel unhappy and be concerned about different promises that will have been broken
B: Worry about your own popularity for delivering your family name into disrepute and blame them
C: Explain how breach of trust is one of many greatest name damagers there is and how it’s extremely difficult to correct

7. Do you consider info on socialnetworking websites on the web like YouTube, Bebo and MySpace, can damage a new individual’s name?
A. No -They’re just a bit of ordinary fun.
T. No – All of The information is not genuine anyway – everyone uses nick names and things.
C. Yes – some businesses and colleges are actually checking these websites now to view what folks say about themselves and what others claim about them. The small person’s name probably will be ruined if they are not impressed in what they see.

8. How confident can you be for you yourself to see their online report in social media sites they could utilize that the son or daughter will be delighted?
A. Extremely comfortable – I understand which websites they’ve profiles on and watch them often
W. Not to assured – I Have already been informed never to ‘snoop’ in it!
H. Not assured in any respect – I don’t even knowhow I Might start checking

9. Do you think modern day celebrities / performers / sportspeople supply excellent part models for young people?
A. Yes – it does not matter what they are doing within their individual lives
T. Sometimes – whenever they display beliefs for example reliability, loyalty and respect
C. No – a number of modern celebrities don’t know how much impact they have on young adults

10. Do you think your kids consider being truthful is a thing thatis still valued today?
A. No – they’d feel it really is too old fashioned
W. No – they’d likely say nobodyis truthful on a regular basis
H. Yes – they recognize credibility is an important value

Q1: A = 1 B = 2 D = 3
Q2: A = 3 T = 2 C = 1
Q3: A = 1 W = 2 C = 3
Q4: A = 2 B = 3 C = 1
Q5: A = 2B = 3 H = 1
Q6: A = 2B = 1 H = 3
Q7: A = 2B = 1 D = 3
Q8: A = 3 W = 2 D = 1
Q9: A = 2B = 3 C = 1
Q10: A = 1 T = 2 C = 3

In case you scored less than 12 things:
You might not have seriously considered how significant popularity is inside our everyday lifestyles and the way doors them turn opens. Occasionally, items you are doing or say might have not put you while in the finest light, even although you may not be alert to this. People sort opinions and make judgment calls according to a broad selection of information, not that is beneficial or true. Gaining a larger knowledge of HOWTO employ reputation effectively can endure you in excellent stead later on. your popularity as well as work with honesty and build trust is going to be increased.

In case you obtained 13 – 22 items:
Whether you realize it or not, you have a fair comprehension of how popularity may affect conclusions and work for us or against us. Continue to consider about whether what you claim and do might injury or boost your reputation and you’ll stack the odds inside your favor more frequently. You have mastered from knowledge that factors aren’t generally what they seem and occasionally, what folks claim about themselves is removed from the facts. Accepting this and not using information at face value is really a beneficial skill to own. Proceed to act with reliability, develop trust in your interactions and also you’re reputation can remain improved.

Should you scored 23 – 30 things:
You realize doors them closed opens – and that understanding allows you to act wisely typically and protect and enhance your status. Supporting others understand this by acting constructive conduct around reputation encourages others to see how name is not about what you claim or do, but about who you are as a person and the prices you illustrate daytoday. Keep standing for everything you feel in. You’re possibly affecting other folks in ways you never even understand and thinking really. The world requires more folks such as you… Suggest to them by holding on your own wonderful name practices how-to take action.

Hannah’s top ‘Online Popularity-Experienced’ Tips for parents:
1. Honestly examine reputation issues with your children, giving samples of celebrities or persons they learn, that display how name could start doors or throw them turn
2. Inspire your young ones to consult the concern ‘can there be more to the than meets the attention?’ rather than acknowledge everything at face-value
3. Definitely product superior name behavior if you could, particularly when it comes to thinking points through instead of reacting naturally
4. Avoid accusing others and creating reasons for the conduct. Remember – you will have an option. Avoid adding oneself in conditions that may reflect poorly on you and the ones around you.
5. Not caring about name doesnot mean it doesn’t exist. It only means you’ve less control.

How Reputation-Savvy Are You? Name Quiz For Teens and Parents

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